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When my wife and I were getting married. We started planning for the wedding material. I did not want to design the pieces to start. I was wary of the difficulty of designing for myself and dealing with the bride at the same time. As I started looking at what we could get for what we were paying other designers. I decided we could get a better product for a better price if I did the designs myself. The rest of the project was a blast and exceeded my wildest expectations.


It all started with a tiger

I started by looking at stock photos to help find a creative direction for the pieces. I was going through photos and illustrations labeled “wedding”. But they were not cutting it because they did not represent us as a couple. Meagan and I are not your standard picture frame couple. So when I found an illustration of a tiger dressed like a human. It was love at first site.

The tiger Illustartion I found created by Olga Angelloz.


Save the date

For the save the dates I wanted something that people will not only want to put on their fridge. I wanted people to keep it on their fridge way after the wedding. During my research, I found most save the dates used pictures of the couple. So I took the opposite direction and placed the tiger illustration front and center. I also liked using a tiger with an eye patch. Because it has a shock factor and symbolizes wild untamed love.

We invited a wide range of people to the wedding. I divided the audience into two sections. Conservative grandmother and wildcard friends. We created two different versions of the card. One with a conservative headline and the other with a more wild headline. We received only positive feedback when we sent out the card. The cards accomplished my primary mission. That is to get people pumped for the wedding.

Save the date


Invitation card

We created two pieces for the invitation. A card to place on the fridge and a RSVP card for the guests to send back. I found two other illustrations from Olga Angelloz that fit the theme of the save the date. The save the date had established many elements that I carried over into the invitations. I brought over the colors, font, and type treatment. Once the two illustrations were in place. I found a special heart glyph that I found in the primary font. Them I added it to the illustrations. The glyph helped to tie all the elements together.

Invitation RSVP mailer

As part of the invitations we sent out we included a self addressed post card. I wanted to create a fun way for our guests to send their response back. The idea to use a flowchart came from the back of Wired Magazine. I always love looking to see what all the options for answers could be. So I included a chart that told us how excited our friends and family about the wedding.

A happy wife makes for a happy designer

When we first started I thought this would be the toughest project I have ever worked on. It turned out to be one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on. I have to credit my wife for letting me have fun by pushing what a wedding mailer could be.



Meagan Wolson

soon to be wife, creative director

Olga Angelloz


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