Raisin Hell

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Raisin Hell is a brainchild of mine, inspired by equal parts California Raisins and Die Hard. A comic that follows a GMO raisin named Brazen Raisin. Brazen is an assassin for the USDA, who received permanent finger guns from the agency. He has an oath to protect the interest of the agency at all costs. But there is an enemy growing in the shadows that will test everything that makes him a raisin.


Creating the wordmark

When coming up with the wordmark. I wanted it incorporated in to the frame. Because it is an efficient use of space. That way we didn't have to loose room to a big masthead. After I wrote the story. Roy created the rough layout. From there I chose to put the wordmark on the wall behind the villain in the opening frame. I created several different versions. We chose the best version and roy incorporated it into the frame. I like how the wordmark helped to present the shady atmosphere of the restaurant.

Wordmark pannel


Creating the byline

Roy and I create this comic for the creative collaborative Syndicate Division. The inspiration for the byline comes from the USDA seal of approval. Its a subtle nod to the agency Brazen works for. This the first issue does not go into the connection yet. But it will become clear in future editions.

Wordmark byline


When it all comes together

Roy and I worked together to create the story and visual direction of the comic. The idea for the first issue started as a conversion Roy and I had. About how terrible it is the think you are about the eat a chocolate chip cookie only to find out it’s a raisin cookie. Collaborating with Roy was a good exercise in story writing. Showing me how comic books can make my vision come to life.




Roy Cai

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