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Brü Hast is a growler store startup. The project started by talking about what the client needed. We agreed on me creating a primary, secondary, and standalone wordmark. Then we started talking about the vision the client had for the store. The client wanted the store to reflect a classic German beer garden.


I created a mood board on Pinterest that we used to create the visual direction for the company. We started by adding classic beer posters. Then we moved into adding elements that we wanted to incorporate into the logos. We ironed out what type of font for the project. After that we added other elements such as growlers, interior graphics, and business cards. The mood board helped to build a solid foundation and kept the client and I on the same page too.

Brü Hast mood board


Creating the primary logo

I started the process for the logo by asking the client what words described the company. The client said bold, strength, beer. I used the mood board and the clients descriptors to shape the logo. While I was creating the logo I made an effort to avoid creating a nazi reference. I avoided the reference by using an american style eagle. While using strong German aesthetics at the same time.

Primary logo


Creating the wordmark

I met with the client to discuss the font to use. I provided a few font options to the client. The client wanted a font in-between a modern and classic black letter. After searching I could not find a typeface that met exactly what the client was asking for. So I used House Industries Photo-Lettering to create a custom wordmark. I leveraged a black letter that they had available as the foundation of the mark. After printing the mark. I added tracing paper and altered the letters. By adding curves resembling a pen while making all the letters solid and geometric at the same time.

Once the client signed off on the mark. I focused on the secondary font. I found a typeface that was modern and made a great counterpoint to the black letter. The type has a similar color to the black letter and helped to make the two pair together well.

Wordmark logo


Creating the secondary logo

I designed the secondary logo to be a consolidated mark. Ideal for use in smaller spaces. Like a baseball cap, t-shirt pocket, pint glass, etc. The mark incorporates the eagle with the growler framed by the grain. I created a special capital "b" and "h" to tie into the company name. I designed the logo to complement the primary logo. One day when the brand has enough recognition it can stand on its own.

Secondary logo


Creating secondary material

Once I created the logos and setup the brand guide. I started mocking up what the brand elements would look like. My favorite mock-up is the growler. I got the idea from looking at German family crests. Incorporated the crest with the logo and added it to the growler. I enjoyed seeing how the logo adapt in the appropriate context.

Growler mock-up


The mood board put me in a good mood

This project was the first time I used a mood board. It helped me to build a level of trust while giving the client a voice. I have continued to use them and they have continued to be helpful to my design process.

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