November 18, 2013

Process Work: The bear don't care

Logos made by Brandios and a wall mural created by Charley Harper inspired me to started drawing animal icons as an exercise. This is exercise was intended to push how far I could go with making an icon. I was limited to using only one color. This forced me to maximise the positive and negative shapes within the icon. Another parameter I set was that the animals had to look apathetic. Because of this I call them Mehnimals, the speech bubble is the logo for the series.

The drawing of my bear Mehnimal.

I scanned and made my drawing into a vector. After that I looked for a generic san serif typeface to fit the message. I landed on a typeface called Aller. It was strong enough to be noticed, yet generic enough to be soon forgotten.

The digitized version of my bear Mehnimal.

I decided that the illustration would look great on a t-shirt. The designs dovetail perfectly with the other the designs for my t-shirt company Midnight Society Apparel. Below are the design options I created for the shirt.

Option 1

The first t-shirt option I created.

Option 2

The second t-shirt option I created.

Option 3

The front of the third t-shirt option I created.
The back of the third t-shirt option I created.


I chose an option and sent it to Cotton Bureau. Fortunately they liked the design enough to give it a shot on their site. But the shirt didn’t sell enough to make it a reality. This is not the end. If enough people sign up for the shirt on their site, it will be brought back again.

Let’s make this shirt a reality!

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