March 27, 2016

I'm Board 6: Thoughts become reality through sketches

Note:This post is a continuation of a previous post.

Once I had a strong creative direction. I thought about what medium I would use and the shape and size of the skateboard I would be working on. The movie Cobra was created in the 80’s and has the 80’s all over it. Like a person with too much cologne on. So I wanted the skateboard to have a shape from the 80’s. So I searched for and ordered a board with the shape that fit what I was looking for. Now that I had the board ordered. I created a template in Illustrator that had the shape I was going to use. Below is my initial sketch and an example of the template I created for my sketches.

My initial sketch for the skateboard graphic.

I started sketching the “You’re the disease and I’m the cure” pun. I wanted to take the art from the movie poster and transpose the lead singer from the Cure’s face on to Stallone's face. I started exploring an option where I would make a crown behind the character's head. Similar to halos in greek orthodox paintings. But this quickly took me down another direction where I would design the board as if the main character in Cobra(Marion Cobretti) had a pro-model skateboard. This was made a stronger direction by the cobra mark that I made in my Moleskine sketchbook.

Inspiration I found through doing research for this project.

I started sketching out my ideas and seeing how they would translate to the skateboard. At the same time I was researching skateboard graphics from the 80’s. While thinking about how I would apply the graphics. My timeline was two weeks. One week for ideation, research, and sketching, the second for production. Because of this I knew I needed a solution that was quick and didn’t require a lot of setup time. That is why I chose to go down the route of using frisket paper as a stencil and spray paint as my medium. Having the medium and research under my belt. I started to refine my sketches.

This is when I had acouple creative directions to go down.

At this point I had two options and I was nearing production. So I had to chose one or the other because I didn’t have enough time to do both options. Both were close to me that I couldn’t decide which one to choose. So I explained and showed both versions to my friends and family for their feedback. After I received and contemplated their input. I chose to go with the “You’re the disease and I’m the cure” option.

Once I decided the creative direction I wanted to do down. I refined my idea through sketches.

Now that I had my creative direction solidified. I refined the sketches to the point where I was comfortable moving to production. If you would like to see all of my sketches that I made for the show. I have posted them on my Tumblr.

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