Why I am a Designer.

It started with a trip to the Salvador Dali museum. All of Dali's work blew me away. I was particularly drawn to the Hallucinogenic Toreador. Especially how depending on where you stood in relation to the painting you could see different images in the painting.

All of the layers of meaning, the visual richness, and scale inspired me. After that trip I knew I wanted to be a creative. I strive to bring the strength and power to my work. Much like the strength and power Dali brought to his work.

My creative process overview.

Design is a game to me. I play with many different elements to create a solution. My process is an evolution. I begin with a rough conceptual idea. Using the needs of the client and the end user to help define the solution. I meet the goals for the project and create a solution to users problems.


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